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Half Off Books, Records and Films, 141 W. Wilshire Ave., Suite A, Fullerton

Half Off Books, Records and Films in Fullerton, our most recent addition to OCRS venues.

This downtown Fullerton spot is roughly two blocks north of Spice Social, the Commonwealth Ave. restaurant where we've been performing post-pandemic. Like most of downtown Fullerton, free parking is abundant. You just have to locate it. Half Off is in the 100 block of West Wilshire, just west of Harbor Blvd. and just east of Malden Ave. The open lot just northeast of the store and the covered lot just northwest of it are usually packed only on weekdays, so they're a good place to start, but if you strike out, you should be able to find free street parking nearby.

Half Off first opened in February of 2011 in Uptown Whittier. When its lease ended in the fall of 2017, it landed at its current location. Its purpose is to buy books, vinyl records, CDs, blu-rays, DVDs, comic books, textbooks, collectible media and more from the public, then re-sell it at drastically reduced prices. Ragtimers who are also bibliophiles will find plenty to like, and to possibly add to your collections at great prices. You're also welcome to bring a box or two (please, no more than two boxes per visit) of your own items, which will be evaluated before you'll be offered cash for any items the store projects it will be able to re-sell. Half Off's website states that the store's mission "is to always buy and sell anything printed or recorded and to always offer products at affordable prices."

Location of Half Off Books, Fullerton CA