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Upcoming concert performances hosted by OCRS, sponsored by the Nixon Presidential Library

The Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, site of OCRS-hosted ragtime concerts

To all our fans, we're happy to report that as of the first week of July, 2022 and following a lengthy hiatus, the Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda has resumed its weekly Sunday afternoon concert series.

The Orange County Ragtime Society (OCRS) has been invited to provide two concerts in this series. The first is September 4 and the second is October 16.

Here's the slate of ragtime pianists for both dates: Sept. 4: Ryan Wishner, Bob Pinsker and Eric Marchese. Oct. 16: Vincent Johnson, Paul Orsi, Michael Flores and Johnny Hodges. OCRS's founder, Eric Marchese, will MC both concerts.

Please note that you don't need to purchase tickets for the museum to attend these events. They're free of charge to the public, and parking in the adjoining lot is also free. Doors to the auditorium open at 1:30. Both concerts are from 2 to 3 pm.

Also, please note that these concerts, while hosted by OCRS, are not part of our normal series of musicales, during which any ragtime pianists present are welcome to perform any pieces they have prepared for the afternoon. The library's concert series maintains a set format and schedule, available here. All of its concerts are on Sunday afternoons. Whenever OCRS performers appear in the auditorium, we're there as invited guests. If you're a ragtime pianist and you wish to perform, please be sure to attend one of our Saturday afternoon OCRS sessions, which are open piano format. We'd love to have you play for us and give us a chance to hear your ragtime!