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Andrew Barrett - Costa Mesa, CA

ANDREW BARRETT specializes in American popular piano styles of the 1912-1929 period, as well as performing popular and salon music (and music from stage shows, operettas etc.), mainly from the early 20th century. As a pianist for some 20 years, he has worked with traditional jazz and swing bands, rock and bossa nova bands, and others, and is currently one of the Main Street Piano Players at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. A composer with some 15 ragtime or ragtime-influenced compositions, Andrew has a CD out titled “At the Piano Vol. 1 - Featuring Great Music of 1913.” His favorite pianists include W. E. “Buddy” Burton, Clarence A. “Jelly” Johnson, Frank E. Banta, Pete Wendling, Cliff Hess, and many others. To help assist others with finding and hearing rare old recordings and piano rolls, Andrew has been hard at work on numerous playlists of the popular pianists of the teens and ’20s which can be found on his YouTube channel “Great Pianists.” Andrew has worked with the vaudeville duo EVANS & ROGERS since 2010 and will accompany them here this weekend. He’ll also be seen in solo and in piano-string sets with DAVID ELSENBROICH. He has had numerous RagFest appearances dating back to 2003.

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