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RagFest Artist - Storm Case - Laguna Beach, CA

For many years, Donald “Storm” Case, husband of ragtime pianist and RagFest veteran Shirley Case, made a living as an architect. Storm has always loved painting and drawing, as evidenced by the dozens of gorgeous watercolors lining the walls of the Case home. Whenever attending a ragtime music event, Storm excitedly creates impromptu drawings of the performers.

If you are interested in Storm's Sketches, you can email him at

Sony Leyland Pat Aranda
Nan Bostick Shirley Case

Sony Leyland & Pat Aranda, RagFest 2009

Nan Bostick & Shirley Case, RagFest 2009

Tex Wyndham
Randy Woltz

Tex Wyndham, RagFest 2007

Randy Woltz, RagFest 2007

Shirley Case
Sony Leyland Pat Aranda

Shirley Case, RagFest 2006

Sonny Leyland & Pat Aranda, RagFest 2009

Vincent Johnson
Andrew Barrett

Vincent Johnson, RagFest 2007

Andrew Barrett, RagFest 2007

Regina Ian Whitcomb
Brad Kay Pat Aranda

Regina & Ian Whitcomb, RagFest 2007

Brad Kay & Pat Aranda, RagFest 2007

Nan Bostick
Ron Ross

Nan Bostick at Mo's

Ron Ross at Mo's

Shirley Case Eric Marchese
Shirley Case Phil Cannon

Shirley Case & Eric Marchese at Mo's, 2007

Shirley Case & Phil Cannon at Mo's

Galen Wilkes
Bill Edwards

Galen Wilkes, RagFest 2007

Bill Edwards, RagFest 2007

Bill Mitchell group
Bob Pinsker

Andrew Barrett, Bill Mitchell, Jimmy Green & Frank Sano

Bob Pinsker, RagFest 2009

Eric Marchese Erika Miller
Bill Mitchell Frank Sano

Eric Marchese & Erika Miller, RagFest 2009

Bill Mitchell & Frank Sano at Mo's Music

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