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Eric Marchese - Santa Ana, CA

ERIC MARCHESE has been living the ragtime life since the early 1970s when, as a teenager, he became fascinated with ragtime music and began to play ragtime piano, gradually expanding outward after starting with the works of Scott Joplin. His extensive repertoire includes a broad range of vintage ragtime pieces, including early ragtime (1890s through 1905); Classic rags by composers like Scott Joplin, James Scott and Joseph F. Lamb; popular and Tin Pan Alley rags (1906 through 1912); advanced rags (1913-1920); and contemporary ragtime (1950 on). He began actively composing original pieces in the late 1980s and has more than 60 solo ragtime pieces plus collaborative compositions with his peers. He has performed at numerous ragtime festivals, musicales and solo shows at venues throughout California. In early 2000 he worked with Friends of Jazz to launch RagFest, which premiered in Fullerton that October, and he founded the Orange County Ragtime Society a year later.

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