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June 2024: Summer means more hot ragtime for one and all

Click on the play button to hear Vincent Johnson (Vincent is on the left end in the photo above) play his 'Shih-Tzu Blues' at a recent OCRS meet! 

Summer is here, and that means more time off (for some) and fun in the sun for nearly everyone.

It also means more outstanding live performance of ragtime music courtesy of the OCRS.

In the immediate future: Saturday, June 15 at Half-Off Books and Records (from 2 to 5 pm).

For June, we'll probably see the enjoyable consistent pattern of pianists pulling up ragtime-era piano pieces written by composers born in June – in this case, Les Copeland, H. Clarence Woods, Charley Thompson, Russell Smith, Louis Alter, Will Morrissey, Maceo Pinkard, Con Conrad and Pete Wendling, to name a few – and we might also hear pieces copyrighted in June (such as "Cotton Bolls," "Pansy Blossoms," "Ophelia Rag," "Ragtime Nightingale" and "Rubber Plant Rag").

We're happy to bring these free performances to you. We're also always delighted when the folks at Nixon Library have a cancellation that leads to an opening in the schedule and an invite to us to bring in a concert of ragtime piano.

And we're especially indebted to the folks at Half-Off Books. As it so happens, many of those who enjoy ragtime music the most are also ardent bibliophiles, so when they attend an OCRS event, they not only have a lot to listen to, but also a lot of prized printed material to peruse.

Our next two concerts at HOB are on July 20 and September 21 – one in the heart of summer and the next on the cusp of the fall season.

We wish you happy times this June, July, August and September, and hope to see you whenever and wherever we're performing in Fullerton and Yorba Linda.

Here are the details of the OCRS meets for the rest of 2024:
Saturday, June 15, 2024
Saturday, July 20, 2024
Saturday, September 21, 2024
Saturday, October 19, 2024
Saturday, December 14, 2024
All start at 2:00 pm and wrap up around 5
Where: Half Off Books, Records and Films, 141 W. Wilshire (Suite A), Fullerton, CA 92832
Map of OCRS Location for May-December 2024 (Half Off Books, Fullerton CA)

For more information about Half Off Books and its history, click here.

Our OCRS events are FREE to the public. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who loves this kind of music and has missed having it all this time. No RSVP is required – just be there if you can, and if not, stay tuned for more posts about future upcoming performances.

Since summer 2022, we've had a total of 19 OCRS musicales, and to say they've been remarkable would be to understate. The latest was in May 2024. Our most recent Nixon Library shows were on June 4, July 9, November 12 in 2023, and January 7, March 10 and June 9 in 2024. Click the links below to read about the events of 2023 and '24 and to get the details of some extraordinary musical events!

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A word about RagFest: Along the way, some of you have inquired about RagFest. Nothing is scheduled yet, but we continue to work on paving the way for our next festival, and we'll be sure to get the word out as soon as circumstances allow a reboot of this annual event.