The Rose Leaf Ragtime Club website was developed and programmed by club member Gary Rametta. Gary would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their friendship, help, support and inspiration:

Bill Mitchell, for his experience, artistry, ragtime savoir-faire and long-time, impeccable editorial direction of our Something Doing newsletter.

Ron Ross, for his tireless and invaluable work as Publicity Director. Also for his many great original ragtime compositions.

Fred Hoeptner, for his informed essays on various aspects of ragtime, as well as his reviews of numerous concerts and festivals. Not to mention his award-winning ragtime compositions!

Albert Eugene "Phil" Cannon, for his years of dependable volunteer service managing, setting up and storing the audio system and, more recently, taking over management of the club's audio and video library.

John Tully, Long-time librarian and transporter of the Rose Leaf Club audio and video lending library

Stan Long, our go-to guy for piano tuning, maintenance and repair.

Yuko Shimazaki, for overall art and graphic direction, as well as masthead design.

The members and performers of the Rose Leaf Ragtime Club. None of this would be possible without your involvement and support!

Finally, this site is dedicated to Phil "P.J." Schmidt, founder of the Rose Leaf Ragtime Club. His spirit and influence lives on in our continuing celebration of ragtime.