Something Doing

Ragtime Happenings in the Southland

Since 1995, the Rose Leaf Ragtime Club has issued a monthly newsletter, Something Doing, to keep members up-to-date with club happenings, upcoming events and ragtime news in general.

Something Doing was created by former club member and longtime rag enthusiast Gus Willmorth, who passed away in 1999. Upon Mr. Willmorth's passing, responsibility for compiling, editing and creating material for the newsletter, and for managing the user list, printing out the newsletter and mailing it to subscribers, was taken over by Mr. Bill Mitchell. For 13-plus years, Bill cranked out Something Doing month after month. Just as he does at the piano, Bill never skipped a beat putting together each issue and getting it out in the mail. In early 2013, Bill handed over management and publishing of the newsletter to Gary Rametta and Vincent Johnson.


Over the past few years, both the quality and quantity of Something Doing's editorial content has steadily matured. In addition to recaps of our monthly meetings, each issue contains event listings and timely information on local and nationwide concerts featuring top ragtime performers. Numerous ragtime-related CD, book and festival reviews also have appeared, as well as ongoing feature articles about important figures in ragtime history.

Subscriptions to Something Doing are $15 per year. To put that number in context, if you subtract the cost of postage, paper, mailing labels, etc., the final cost ends up being closer to $7.50 a year per subscription. That's a great deal!

As with the Rose Leaf club's other activities, the newsletter is kept alive by dedicated volunteers. Simply put, our goal is merely to keep it self-sustaining. That's why we don't include all of its content on our website. We'd like your support.

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Read Back Issues of our Newsletter Online

A collection of meeting reports from past issues of Something Doing is available for on-line reading. To bring up a back issue for review, drag your mouse slowly over the year and month you're looking for. Click to follow the link.

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